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Drone Entertainment

Custom Set-Ups

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Event Size

UCOE is a leading producer and consultant for drone  events, races and demonstrations for all ages. We cater to various event sizes


Let us incorporate some exciting drone aerobatics into your next conference/event

Community Event

We’ve navigated the intricacies of indoor and outdoor drone eves.  We will brainstorm a unique solution for you!

Team Building

Have fun while creating lasting relationships among your team. 

Holiday Parties/Camps

We cater to all ages.  Let’s get you and your guest in the air!

What Is Drone Entertainment?

We offer on-site drone  flying events for  corporations,  conventions, churches, special events, fundraisers,  festivals , family reunions, birthday parties, and more.  Flying night or day, indoors or out, UCOE can accommodate multiple drones flying at the same time.



We provide the materials, and come to your home or business to make Drone Build Classes easy and fun.
We accommodate various group ages and  sizes,  and have various drone build classes to fit your needs.


Have Questions…We Have Answers!

1. What is a drone build Class?
One of our most popular product offerings is the drone build class.  Our classes, are the perfect solution for groups looking to bring that extra something special and exciting to their program or event.  We provide the materials, the expertise, and even the cage to your home, school, camp, festival to make onsite Drone Build Classes easy and fun.
2. How many people can fly at once?
Ten or more drones can fly at the same time.  This is one reason that using UCOE is a better choice than a climbing wall, or a bungee jumper.  You get more entertainment for you dollar.
3. How much space will I need to set up?
If the set-up is outside. It can be setup as small as 10×20, or really as large as you can imagine.  Typically a festival setup will utilize a 20×30 or 20×40, and a smaller party will use a 20×20.  We recommend at least a 5 foot border around the entire perimeter, and 14′ clearance if in doors.
4. Is it safe?
There has never been a single reported accident using our sustem.  Everyone flying drones always remains safely outside of the perimeter, and the drones always stay inside .  We also always have trained staff on hand at every event to ensure everyone is safe.
5. What age group is good for this activity?
There is a kid in all of us!  In our experience, ten years and up is the age group that works best.
6. Are their obstacles and games?
Yes! We are always creating new ways to challenge pilots in fun and exciting ways.  We have games for the beginner all the way up to the expert flyers.  Also there is always plenty of time for free, unrestricted flying.
7. How does the set up work?
our portable flying system, can be indoor / outdoor and  can be set up quickly and easily virtually anywhere.  We use it to create many different drone flying arenas that can be set up in backyards, parks, at festivals and fundraisers.  We provide the equipment and drones.

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Did You Know?

Drone Stats

1. The number of U.S. commercial drones is expected to grow by a factor of 10 over the next half-decade, from 42,000 drones in 2016 to more than 420,000 by 2021, according to a report by the Federal Aviation Administration.

2. The number of remote pilots needed to fly those commercial drones could reach as a high as 422,000 by 2021.

3. The FAA also estimates that small, hobbyist drones will more than triple in number to 3.5 million drones by 2021, up from 1.1 million drones in 2016.

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