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Drones for Marketing

Deliver your message through videography or photography. UCOE can provide a turnkey solution for your media marketing needs. We offer more than aerial photography and videography. Providing you a one-stop shop for production and post editing to enhance your brand.

Present your service or product professionally to enhance your brand in your community.  We offer:

  • Media Consulting
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Production planning
  • Filming
  • Post-production

Business promotionals, real estate, construction, golf courses, mapping, and much more.


The Advantage of Drones for Business

A drone is a powerful tool that collects different formats of data quickly, safely, and efficiently.  Drones perform many different tasks for countless industries.  Drones make jobs safer, more efficient, and accesable.  A short list of samples is building inspections, construction site management, tower inspections, agricultural analysis, emergency response tactics, and warehouse inventory.   UCOE can consult with your business today to find drone solutions for your data needs.

Construction and Mining are two industries where we see major growth in drone use.  Areal maps allow sites to pre-plan routes for material delivery.  As well as stockpile and site management. A drone is able to streamline stockpile volume metrics by spending much less time gathering high accuracy data.  Time saved in measuring stockpiles means less money spent and allows for more frequent measuring.

Inspections with a drone provide a safer technique that speeds up a technician’s ability to asses an issue.  Time can be spent planning out the solution before going directly to the area.  Allowing for more time on maintenance and repair.  Drones are also a solution for indoor inspections, but can be tricky due to interference and must be performed by an experienced pilot. 

Residential Inspections with drones allow for Insurance companies to maximize time by flying a roof to document damage.  We encourage homeowners to do pre-damage documentation yearly to archive for use in insurance claims, if the need arises.  UCOE has relationships with software companies that use artificial intelligence to find damage on rooftops.  

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